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Mikulas Kovac Public Library

To any English speaking visitor who has come across this site. This is just a short info on the library and a shy attempt to provide a guide to the site originally created in the Slovak language. In case you feel like asking for any kind of information or service, feel free to do so. We will be pleased to assist you - in English, of course. 

Contact:,     +421 48 4154757       +421 904 182883                              
Mikulas Kovac Public Library (MKPL) in Banska Bystrica is both a regional (districts of Banska Bystrica and Brezno) and municipal (city of Banska Bystrica) library. The library was established in 1973, and since 2002 the library authority has been the Selfgoverning County of Banska Bystrica.

MKPL fulfils its mission in conformity with the Library Act (2015) and the UNESCO/IFLA Public Library Manifesto, e.g. : provides its services on the basis of equality of access for all;  offers collections and services with traditional materials and modern media and technologies, including access to internet resources in each of the service points; supports both individual and self conducted education as well as formal education (especially at elementary and secondary levels)  - aiming above all at strengthening reading habits in children,  and facilitatating the development of information literacy skills ;  provides specific services and materials for  the blind and visually impaired, offers outreach activities and events for children in hospital; cooperates with relevant partners at the local and regional levels ..., maintains regional bibliographic and personage databases, provides for methodical guidance and assistance to local public libraries in the region.

MKPL operates throughout the territory of Banska Bystrica as a network of  departments (Adult & Youth; Children) and 6 branches of which 3  specialize in library services for children (situated at elementary schools). Not neglecting services to other user groups, traditionally the MKPL focus is more on activities and events for children (author visits, story times, literary quiz, homework help,...) - resulting both from the high percentage (50) of children among the library users, and  from the fact  that  extensive services of  the State Scientific Library and the University Library in Banska Bystrica have for years been offered to the academic, business, and other professional communities ...

MKPL 2016 Data  :   Collection: 110.000,  Users/Patrons: 6.500,  Loans: 274.575,  Library events: 544

Mikulas Kovac Public Library is a Member of the
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